Gabriel Arthur Petrie (eyenot) wrote in earlyadopters,
Gabriel Arthur Petrie

Some kind of weird problem

Dear Members,
(Of the Public, too, so the people affected by this can still read it,)

In the interests of keeping things readable and being engaging, I rewrote this.

Okay. Sorry I'm sort of an absentee maintainer. I don't login to LiveJournal much, any more, and today serves as the longest time I've spent on LJ in years. I've been on here for like a half hour almost.

We have two new members pending, and you know how I want to have the most complete membership representing the Early Adopters as possible. But there's a bug in the system right now, and it's preventing me from adding any new members.

I'd love to sit here and watch tenaciously until the exact moment when I can add the new members, but I have to go outside today. You know how that is! *smh* <-- last time I used LJ this much, "smh" didn't mean anything!

Well, I would like to try to engage the community a bit, today. I mentioned btripp in an earlier post. He was the first one to suggest to me that we only admit members whose accounts appear to be "well used". His concern was that since the LiveJournal company has started selling old Early Adopter accounts to be re-strung by new owners, if we allow those accounts into the community then we're not reeeaaaly admitting Early Adopters at that point, we're kind of muddying the water or thinning things a bit.

And some of you may recall I heatedly disagreed with him. But these days I'm leaning more towards his rationale.

To be all-inclusive, we could admit all of them and also try to engage re-stringers in discussion about "why did you want an Early Adopter account", and so on. We could simply keep a running list of who's a re-stringer and who isn't, if it's about legitimacy or self-identity, group identity, and that sort of thing. They would still, technically, have an Early Adopter account and a valid reason to want to join.

Or we could say "nah, it's just us real folks in here". Or we could say "no, let's just indiscriminately include all Early Adopter accounts."

What do you think? Since this affects accounts that aren't joined, too, I made this an open post. So members of the LJ public can join in the discussion if they feel like it.

Your Maintainer,
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