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The Livejournal Community for Early Adopters!

All Early Adopters are appreciative of the generosity of the livejournal administrators.

"I've heard the comment from admins when asking for help on the boards that I had 'probably stole my account.' and I got so mad I was fumming! ... [We] were here through all the glitches, crappy loading times, server fails and blackouts before blackouts became cool to put on icons. I feel like we got Lj started when no one cared about blogging. We are the bones that held the body up and every year we get left behind, kicked in the face, shafted and then forgotten. They want to do away with us." -- An Earlyadopter

The FULL Full Account Comparison Chart* Including the new Sponsored+ account type AND actual mention of the Early Adopter account type.

Sponsored+ Advantages (8):
         |Spons+ |  EA  |Free
Userpics |  15   |   6  |  6
Polling  |PLANNED|  no  |  no
GetTxtMsg|  yes  |  no  |  no
ScrapBook|  1gb  |  no  |  no
SBPrivacy|  yes  |  no  |  no
MoodIcons|  yes  |  no  |  no
Domain2LJ|  yes  |  no  |  no
VoicePost| 5/mo. |  no  |  no
Early Adopter Advantages (4):
Customize|limited| yes  |limited
NewStyles|  no   | yes  |  no
Adv srch |PLANNED| yes  |  no
PGP/GPG  |  no   | yes  |  no
Posting by Web-Enabled Mobile (1):
PhonePost|  yes  | yes  |  no

*: http://www.livejournal.com/site/accounts.bml?showall=1 as of Apr. 21st, 2006

"Early Adopter: No longer open to new users, this account was created and made available to users registered before September 14, 2000. Early Adopters are offered extended features over free account users, but do not receive any new pay features." -- Straight from the TOS!

From LJ stats.bml:
What type of account do people have? [sic]

Free Account: 6240553 (98.4%)
Early Adopter: 14229 (0.2%)
Paid Account: 98018 (1.5%)
Permanent Account: 1638 (0.0%)

FAQ: What are the different account types?

Early Adopter accounts are those which were created before mid-September 2000. No accounts created after this date can obtain the Early Adopter account type. Early Adopters can use all of the features of Free Accounts, plus the following:

* Upload up to 6 user pictures
* Use the Directory
* Create custom styles in the S1 and S2 style systems
* Use a personalized subdomain in addition to their regular journal URL
http://exampleusername.livejournal.com (replacing "exampleusername" with their own usernames)


Date of update: 4:22am 11-26-08
Poster: lainy
Date: 2008-11-07 12:42
Security: Public
Mood: annoyed

Livejournal's new userinfo page is out of beta and is now permanent for every user.
They've completely removed all mention of early adopters for people who don't have the basic early adopter account, the only indication is the small user number.

It used to say "paid user, formerly early adopter", now it just says "paid user". :(



> Hello!!
> Well, I was just cruising lj and stumbled onto
> your community and have a question. Yes I'm one
> of the millions who wants an early adopter
> account but instead of shamelessly asking for
> one (like that would work *laughs*) I'd rather
> just rename mine to one so I was wondering if
> you knew of any early adopter accounts that
> have been purged (or at least deleted)???
> It would be a great help if you can reply with
> what you know. Thanks so much for reading!
> ~******

I think I can break their request down into a few, simple, Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can eyenot do anything about me and my ambition to get ahold of an earlyadopter account? (Or, does eyenot know something about how LJ works that someone for example bradfitz doesn't?)

2. Is there any exception to the following information available in the LJ file "FAQ Question #38": "Early Adopter accounts are those which were created before mid-September 2000. No accounts created after this date can obtain the Early Adopter account type." (Or, is that information wrong somehow or is there any way I can get an earlyadopter account through some other, surreptitious or clever way?)

3. I want an earlyadopter account how do I get one.

The answer is, ******, I do not have any clear answers to these questions because there are no real, true, clear answers about anything. Every conventional thing you think you know is only half true, and that's all there is to say about the universe!

I will put these questions and their answer up in the community userinfo where they are easy to see and people can read them and get an understanding without having to tire themselves out asking very deep, philosophical questions (the answers to which elude literally everyone) and which have been asked countless times throughout the ages.